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Feb. 19, 2018

Oh My! Tigers, Lions and Bears Call Sarasota Home

Big cats are on the prowl near Sarasota homes. Down at Big Cat Habitat wild cats such as tigers, lions, and ligers roam free. Cats aren’t the only animals in the sanctuary however. This safe space provides a haven for multiple exotic animals not able to survive in the wild. Many come from sad circumstances and now flourish in roomy enclosures and benefit from loving care. Bears, primates, birds, and tortoises live here as well. Not all the critters are wild though. Domestic animals welcome visitors in the petting zoo. People of all ages who are interested in feeling more connected, meet and greet friendly animals in the petting zoo. Here you can feed, pet, and socialize with llamas, goats, and emu.

Those who have always wanted to meet royalty make their way down to see the lions or resident "kings of the jungle". A male lion’s weight is generally around 418 pounds, while the females top off at 280 pounds. These cats are the second largest in the world and living comfortably in roomy enclosures on the Sarasota property.

Listen to the Liger Roar on Sarasota Property

One animal guests won’t want to miss is the liger. Ligers are hybrids, a cross between a lion and a tiger, the tiger being the mother and the lion being the father of this rare species. Lions and tigers usually stay within their own species, which is why they are so rare. The vast majority of ligers are captive born as only occasionally will these awesome animals cross species lines and mate in the wild.

The big cats are easily compared to kitties behaving mischievously back in Sarasota homes. And once getting to know the lions and tigers here a new respect may be gained for their smaller domestic relatives. But, besides the cats other animals beckon. Each animal is unique in it’s own way. Bears are cute, cuddly and wild altogether. Just like the story, there are three bears in the house. And one bear of the three, Chang Chang, has black fur and a light colored v across his chest. Birds are special as well and quite diverse, each colorful and bright. Tortoises too, young and old, are of different sizes too.

Needing a break from the heat check out the daily shows. Parrots in Paradise highlight amazing winged creatures and the Big Cats Encounter showcases predatory feline skills. All presentations are held in air conditioned arenas perfect for cooling down on warm Florida afternoons.

Plan a visit to the Big Cat Habitat and learn all about these majestic animals and the need for education and conservation. Get tickets here.


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Feb. 16, 2018

Folks Living in Siesta Key Thrill and Chill

Sun, surf and sand are everyday scenes for folks living in Siesta Key. Trips to the beach for many are an everyday occurance. While relaxing with a good book on a blanket may be paradise for some others seek a little thrill or two. And, that’s where Siesta Key Watersports comes in.

In the picture for over two decades this wildly exhilarating company brings it! Adventure on the water comes in many forms and the staff here enthusiastically lead the way. Charter fishing trips find poles arching over the water. Tall tales certainly will be told about the one that got away but dinner will deliciously feature the catch of the day as well. Coast Guard licensed captains know the way to the fish much to the delight of anglers. A no worry excursion equipment, bait and licenses are all provided.

Conquer the waves on a jet ski. Enjoy the freedom to explore where you will on crafts holding up to three people. Safety is paramount and all operators must possess a safe boater card or be willing to complete a quick safety test. Feel as free as a bird and soar over Siesta Key homes. Troubles float away as fluffy clouds drift by. Launched effortlessly off of one of the Siesta Key Watersports boats trips can be easygoing or a bit more reckless. Daredevils living in Siesta Key often opt for a bit more crazy than calm. The captain will oblige with “free falls” and dips into the ocean.

Sail Out into the Sunset by Siesta Key Homes

An aquatic wonderland exists underneath the waves. Dolphin cruises seek out whimsical animals as they skip through the sea. Spectacular Florida sunsets set the scene for romance and sunset cruises set the mood. Brilliant colors blend into the ocean, and as amazing as it sounds often a dolphin or two dives down below to say goodbye to the day. Memories are made with the assistance of Siesta Key Watersports. Whether thrill seeking or tranquil moments all are sure to be awe inspiring. Call 941.921.3030 for more information.


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Feb. 14, 2018

Sarasota Property Promises a Hole in One

A hole in one is waiting on Sarasota property. Golfers gather together at the Sara Bay Country Club for regular bouts of play, endless laughs and easy camaraderie. Green open spaces filled with sparkling water features and rolling hills present a picture perfect setting for spirited competitions among friends. 

The history runs deep on this serene piece of Sarasota real estate with roots dating back into the 1920’s. Acknowledged as one of the best classic courses to play in Florida, Sara Bay Country Club was designed by architectural great Donald Ross. Interested parties can read a more detailed history of the club here.

A private club, exclusive to its members, amenities are overflowing. In addition to a flawless course for great games of golf, a state of the art club house was designed with socializing in mind. Two dining areas feature both sophisticated and laid back choices for hungry patrons. Special events always seem to be on the calendar with dancing and other fun times in the works. And, the latest and greatest in clubs, bags, attire and more are found in the Pro Shop. Friendly staff are on hand to give advice on equipment needs.

Wedded Bliss Begins on Sarasota Real Estate

Those wanting to fine tune their abilities take advantage of expert instruction. High quality PGA professional instructors assist players of all levels. Lessons range from group to individual. Ladies workshops feature different elements of the game and are scheduled twice a month in December through April. Dedication is given to young athletes learning the sport. Indeed, the Sara Bay Country Club hosts both the Donald Ross High School Invitational and Joe Turnesa Memorial Scholarship Tournament on the Sarasota property.

The beauty of the landscape is not lost on love birds. Many engaged couples choose this lovely venue to start their lives as husband and wife. An extraordinary team works diligently to perfect each and every detail for a perfect day. More information about wedding packages or on how to become a member of the Sara Bay Country Club can be obtained by calling 941.355.7658.


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July 31, 2017

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