Sun, surf and sand are everyday scenes for folks living in Siesta Key. Trips to the beach for many are an everyday occurance. While relaxing with a good book on a blanket may be paradise for some others seek a little thrill or two. And, that’s where Siesta Key Watersports comes in.

In the picture for over two decades this wildly exhilarating company brings it! Adventure on the water comes in many forms and the staff here enthusiastically lead the way. Charter fishing trips find poles arching over the water. Tall tales certainly will be told about the one that got away but dinner will deliciously feature the catch of the day as well. Coast Guard licensed captains know the way to the fish much to the delight of anglers. A no worry excursion equipment, bait and licenses are all provided.

Conquer the waves on a jet ski. Enjoy the freedom to explore where you will on crafts holding up to three people. Safety is paramount and all operators must possess a safe boater card or be willing to complete a quick safety test. Feel as free as a bird and soar over Siesta Key homes. Troubles float away as fluffy clouds drift by. Launched effortlessly off of one of the Siesta Key Watersports boats trips can be easygoing or a bit more reckless. Daredevils living in Siesta Key often opt for a bit more crazy than calm. The captain will oblige with “free falls” and dips into the ocean.

Sail Out into the Sunset by Siesta Key Homes

An aquatic wonderland exists underneath the waves. Dolphin cruises seek out whimsical animals as they skip through the sea. Spectacular Florida sunsets set the scene for romance and sunset cruises set the mood. Brilliant colors blend into the ocean, and as amazing as it sounds often a dolphin or two dives down below to say goodbye to the day. Memories are made with the assistance of Siesta Key Watersports. Whether thrill seeking or tranquil moments all are sure to be awe inspiring. Call 941.921.3030 for more information.